I looked in the mirror and I saw myself, quite possibly, for the first time.  And, it was then that I understood the wealth of everything lying behind my eyes.  I had allowed it to become common to criticize and demoralize, everything that prepared me to live my destined life. It became clear to me... Continue Reading →


Did you miss me or nah?

I hope the answer is yes.  It doesn't matter, in my head it is. I am Releasing a Journal How does one go from writing every single day to now once per week?  Life man, life.  Over the past couple of weeks I have started working with a couple clients.  I have been writing for... Continue Reading →

Thinking Out Loud

If my Thoughts had Sound I hated to wait, as if my haste could change the pace.  Sitting on the edge of seats because the whole seat reminded me too much of the distance ahead of me.  The edge made me feel closer. Cycling it through my mind a thousand times, because once is too... Continue Reading →

Find Your Tribe

"Just because you have access to church via the radio, social media, or on tv doesn't negate the fact that you still need to go to church." On most Sundays if someone asked did I go to church, there's a 90% chance that I responded with, Bedside Tabernacle. The asker and I may share a... Continue Reading →


Does anyone else have butterflies in their stomach?  I remember, so vividly, the times where I prayed for this moment, sitting somewhere, perhaps in my car or at my desk, deep in thought, asking God for my chance. I'm pretty sure I asked him so much that I made it to his blocked list. Let... Continue Reading →

The Wolf

What's that noise?  The wolf's ears led him in the direction of the crumpling leaves. He peered through the trees and saw a little girl wearing a red hood. A smile spread across his face as he thought of his next meal. He inched out a little further beyond the thicket, checking to see if... Continue Reading →

Better in 180 Days

Dear Laneshia, It's time to make a few changes, nothing too outlandish but changes nonetheless.  You wrote the about page, so there is no one more aware of your scatteredness than you but it is high time we narrow your vision on a few things.  I am writing you this letter out of love.  I wouldn't dare... Continue Reading →

I’m Judging you

There are some people who fall short in the "being thoughtful" department. Every time Rebecca comes into the office she never speaks.  Am I invisible? Does she not see me standing here in all of my glory, dressed to the nine?  I know she does. I went shopping for a new suit this weekend just... Continue Reading →


When the phone stops ringing on Sundays, after you've grown used to its melodic tune. When the conversations stop happening, after you've grown used to how they change you. When little legs no longer dangle in front of rocking chairs, behind screen walls. When the things you thought you'd always have are no longer at... Continue Reading →

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