Overcoming Fear, The Story

I still remember his exact words, do you think your mother really needs you there? Shock removed the look of sadness from my face. What?  That was all I could think to say. Did he actually ask that in response to me telling him my uncle, my mothers brother, was in hospice and they had called the family in to say goodbye.

“Do you think your mother really needs you there?” 

I made up my mind that day that all the fear I had on striking out on my own was pale in comparison to the anger and frustration I continually felt. I will be the first to admit that life goes on, but does that excuse us from being human? Or am I giving being human too much credit?

I spoke with my employees letting them know that I would be out of the office due to a family emergency. And I left. I didnt for once think about work; I immersed myself in family and being there for my mother. That wasn’t the first experience but it certainly was the most impactful one.

Within 2 months I submitted my resignation. It was time. I had grown tired of being safe. I was no longer interested in a path someone else controlled. Frankly, I was tired of working my butt off for a fraction of what I was worth. The money was good but it wasn’t great. It definitely wasn’t my boss’s money. They say you have to pay your dues. I chose to my pay mine to myself.


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