5 Steps to Goal Setting

Over the last 5 months, I have gotten up close and personal with my discovery process. This required me to ask myself some hard questions in an effort to understand what I wanted to do and how I would go about making it happen. You see, I am cut from a different cloth. My desires... Continue Reading →


How to Find your Happy and Live There 

These last two years have been a roller-coaster ride, up, down and around.  I left my job to design my own path and along the way I discovered I had spent like 10 years walking in the wrong direction.  Actually, the direction wasn't wrong it was just contrary to my belief system. What's crazy is... Continue Reading →

My Soul Says Yes

My journey seemed brighter, like the sun had marked its territory over my head. And, every step felt lighter, the relief of my burdens I guess. The excitement of it all sent palpitations to my chest. Overcoming my fears gave me the courage to finally say YES! 

‘Tis the Season of Yes

I made up my mind that 2017 would be the year I reacquainted myself with a couple of my first loves: reading and writing. Thanks to my mother, I've always loved to read. It was nothing to see my mom reading in bed or on the couch, so in my eyes reading was normal; it... Continue Reading →

Quick Guide to Overcoming Fear

Fear is crippling.  Have you ever watched small children play? They climb out of cribs on their own, they flip off chairs, they run up to animals and they will pretty much put anything in their mouths. You know why, because they're fearless. At that age the world has yet to place limitations on their... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Fear, The Story

I still remember his exact words, do you think your mother really needs you there? Shock removed the look of sadness from my face. What?  That was all I could think to say. Did he actually ask that in response to me telling him my uncle, my mothers brother, was in hospice and they had... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Fear

I was shaking, like a branch in a storm and no matter how many positive words were hurled at me, I was no where near calm.  My heart was racing; sweat lined my brow and even in the midst of this whirlwind of emotions I was thankful for my now. See, I had taken a... Continue Reading →

Forward, The Story

The alarm sounding made me feel like I was being shaken awake on most days. I had grown used to the way I jumped up as if gasping for my last bit of air. I know it sounds crazy, which is why I'd never tell a soul. I gave myself my morning pep talk: Vanessa,... Continue Reading →

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